Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kaiser Seigfried Cuirassiers "The Grey Wolves"

Duke Seigfried Grauwolf und Kremunster and Elector Donal had been good friends for many years before the death of Emperor Rudolph, the pair would regularly travel across the empire to visit each other.

It was on one of these visits that Elector Donal gave this regiment to the then Duke. They were clothed at the dukes expense in the colours of his house.

The death of Emporer Rudolph without legitimate heir however placed a strain on their friendship. The primary cause was Elector Donal formed the front of a group of electors who resisted Duke Segfried's efforts to place the Archduchess Annabel as Empress.

At the electoral college Elector Donal along with the Electors of Huhnerland, Katerheim and Vandenburg agreed to stand together to prevent a mere woman from being raised to the Imperial throne. In a surprise move the Duke married Archduchess Annabel and presented his own claim to the Imperial crown. He was supported by the Elector Spiritual, the Imperial lands of Vorlund also gave him their support as did the sinister Elector of Kopf-Schlager. The Grand Elector of Munchausen held his own council until the voting began.

Despite previous agreements the four Electors could not come to a consensus once voting began In the first round Duke Seigfried was clearly in front with the Electors of Katerheim and Vandenburg voting for themselves. The Grand Elector threw his not inconsiderable weight behind Duke Seigfried and the voting was at an impass with four votes for Duke Seigfried, rwo for Elector Donal and one each for Katerheim and Vandenburg.

The Elector of Vandenburg backed our Elector Donal in the next round and the Elector Katerheim maintaned his vote for himself, the tally was four to three to one and remained deadlocked until the Elector of Vandenburg withdrew his support from Elector Donal and gave it unto Duke Seigfried.

Whilst Elector Donal was upset that he hadn't gained the Imperial throne, he was glad that his old friend had become the Emperor.

Now the Grey Wolves carry he Emperor's name and fight for Emperor and Elector, indeed this has become their regimental motto.


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