Monday, October 4, 2010

von Fasan Fusiliers "The Witzboldfeld regiment"

This unit was raised in Witzboldfeld by Major General Christian von Fasan with the permission of the Elector Spiritual. This unit has only recently been formed and is yet to be tested in battle.

A friendly rivalry has exists between them and the Elector of Huhnerland's Fusiliers. One which their column commander Pz Wilhelm von Schnauser has done little to discourage indeed it has been said he encourages this rivalry for reasons of his own.


  1. Very impressive armies. I really enjoyed my visit. Thanks...

  2. Many thanks Capt. Bill, I'm glad you like them. I'll have more troops up in the next few weeks.

  3. I like these units - compact yet flavoursome!

    What rules system are you using that allows representation of a regiment in such a manner?

    I was planning on going for 24 man regiments but after looking at yours I think I could get away with less...

  4. These are foir Might and Reason, based on two 60mm x 60mm bases for each unit. On most units I have 17 foot figures and 1 mounted for the infantry

  5. The mermaid on the flag reflects the Monte-Cristan influence in Witzboldfeld. Note that same small antipodial country had already shown some direct influence n the Enteburger military fashion.