Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kaiser Seigfried Cuirassiers "The Grey Wolves"

Duke Seigfried Grauwolf und Kremunster and Elector Donal had been good friends for many years before the death of Emperor Rudolph, the pair would regularly travel across the empire to visit each other.

It was on one of these visits that Elector Donal gave this regiment to the then Duke. They were clothed at the dukes expense in the colours of his house.

The death of Emporer Rudolph without legitimate heir however placed a strain on their friendship. The primary cause was Elector Donal formed the front of a group of electors who resisted Duke Segfried's efforts to place the Archduchess Annabel as Empress.

At the electoral college Elector Donal along with the Electors of Huhnerland, Katerheim and Vandenburg agreed to stand together to prevent a mere woman from being raised to the Imperial throne. In a surprise move the Duke married Archduchess Annabel and presented his own claim to the Imperial crown. He was supported by the Elector Spiritual, the Imperial lands of Vorlund also gave him their support as did the sinister Elector of Kopf-Schlager. The Grand Elector of Munchausen held his own council until the voting began.

Despite previous agreements the four Electors could not come to a consensus once voting began In the first round Duke Seigfried was clearly in front with the Electors of Katerheim and Vandenburg voting for themselves. The Grand Elector threw his not inconsiderable weight behind Duke Seigfried and the voting was at an impass with four votes for Duke Seigfried, rwo for Elector Donal and one each for Katerheim and Vandenburg.

The Elector of Vandenburg backed our Elector Donal in the next round and the Elector Katerheim maintaned his vote for himself, the tally was four to three to one and remained deadlocked until the Elector of Vandenburg withdrew his support from Elector Donal and gave it unto Duke Seigfried.

Whilst Elector Donal was upset that he hadn't gained the Imperial throne, he was glad that his old friend had become the Emperor.

Now the Grey Wolves carry he Emperor's name and fight for Emperor and Elector, indeed this has become their regimental motto.

Garde du Corps

Defenders of the Electors person the Garde du Corps forms the Electors personal guards. Formed in 1687 this is the oldest body of troops in continual service with the Enteburg Army.
Currently they are commanded by Graf Bernard von der Ente und Spurhund-Jungen, a distant relative of the Elector. During the War of Enteburg succession this unit remained loyal to the Electors house and was at the forfront of almost every engagement, they have earned many honours over the years and remain staunch defenders of the Electors lands.

Monday, October 4, 2010

von Fasan Fusiliers "The Witzboldfeld regiment"

This unit was raised in Witzboldfeld by Major General Christian von Fasan with the permission of the Elector Spiritual. This unit has only recently been formed and is yet to be tested in battle.

A friendly rivalry has exists between them and the Elector of Huhnerland's Fusiliers. One which their column commander Pz Wilhelm von Schnauser has done little to discourage indeed it has been said he encourages this rivalry for reasons of his own.

Kurfustin Fusiliers

Raised especially for the Kurfustin Marguerite upon her marriage to the Elector this regiment is the seniour unit of fusiliers within the Enteburg army. Their colours carry upon them a mermaid to remind the Kurfurstin of the sea near her home in Nouvelle Chamapgne. They also have the very distinct rose facings as per the Kurfurstin's request.

This unit has taken part in many battles and has remained remarkably unscathed in many of them, some say primarly as they are usually placed in the second line of battle. Such things are of course untrue and Lieutenant Colonel Hans "der Adler" Richter has vowed to wipe this stain upon the honour of this regiment at the next possible moment.

Elector of Huhnerland Fusiliers

The inhaber of this regiment is Karl-Friedrich, Elector of Huhnerland he is Elector Donal's cousin and he has dressed them in their distinct white uniforms which is the same colour uniform as his own troops.

They carry the golden rooster of Huhnerand on their colours as well as the golden duck of Enteburg on their Leibfahnen.

The Elector has earmarked this unit for service with the Huhnerland and Enteburg Imperial Company in their Golcondan territories, though when this shall come to pass is unknown.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Maj General Pz Wilhelm von Schnauser

Prince Wilhelm von Schnauser is the cousin of the Dukes of Dachsdorf-Biberhof he was formerly the commander of the Prince Deuteronomy Marines and wears their uniform.

He currently commands the fusilier column which consists of the Kurfustin Fusiliers, The Elector of Hunerland Fusiliers and the von Fasan Fusiliers. With him is Hauptmann von Hartmann and two members of his company of the Kurfurstin Fusiliers.

The prince is viewed by the high command as a competant general, he isn't too aggressive yet he isn't cautious either, he reacts well to unexpected situations and should make a good senior commander one day.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

von Gansleber Regiment

The von Gansleber regiment was originally raised as a friekorps by Major General Hans von Gansleber. After distinguished service the Elector granted them his colours and brought them into the line. Another of the Munchausen-Spurhund-Jungen units they wear the distinct green small clothes that all of the Munchausen-Spurhund-Jungen infantry wear.

King of Polonia Regiment

Formerly in the service of the King of Polonia, this regiment transfered to Enteburg service when the Duchy of Munchausen-Spurhund-Jungen was returned to the Elector's of Enteburg.

King Arouet I Grenadier Regiment.

Formed at the end of the War of Enteburg Succession this regiment was created after several brigades of infantry were disbanded, the best men of each were retained and formed together in a new corps the Grenadiers du Ente. When the Elector Donal married the Princess Marguerite of Nouvelle-Champagne he gave his new brother-in-law King Arout I command of this body of troops. Since then the King has lavished his attention upon the officers of the Grenadiers with several of them spending time at the Nouvelle Champagne court.

Command of the Grenadier in teh field has been given to the Comte du Mallard a distinguished officer who had served within the Nouvelle Champagne army. The Comte has become a favourite of the Enteburg court especially amongst the ladies.

Maj General Pz Johann von Rabe

Formerly in the service of the Duke of Pappenheim, Major General Johann von Rabe transferred to the Elector of Enteburg's service as a Major within the King Arouet I Grenadiers. He rose swiftly within Enteburg's service becoming commander of the King Arouet I Grenadiers before his promotion to Major General two years ago. He can be seen here wearing the uniform of his old regiment and speaking with an officer and two men of the King of Polonia's regiment.

Currently he commands a column consisting of the King Aruet I Grenadiers, the King of Polonia Regiment and the von Gansleber Regiment.

Schwansee Grenadier Guards

Given the turbulent times currently within the empire the elector commanded a regiment of guards be raised from his territories in Schwansee. Formed from the grenadiers of the Lieb regiment, the LiebGadre zu Fuss and the von Hahn Musketeers this the fourth regiment of the Electors guard infantry has a solid core from which only time will tell if they hold up to the elite standards of this corps.

The Schwansee grenadiers are already a favourite of Kurfurstin Marguerite with their striking blue uniforms and Elector Donal has made her the inhaber as gift.

Major General Ernst von Drake

The commander of the Guards infantry column the Major general wears the uniform of his former command the Erbprinz regiment. He is seen here with Major Seigfried von Löwe of the Enteburg engineers corps and Sergeant Ernst Eberstark of the Electoral Guard Grenadiers.

The Major General has been in the service of the Electors of Enteburg for his entire military career, a cautious commander he is often the cause of much concern to the commanders of the army as he has a tendency to insist of perfect formation which has a tendency to slow his troops down in battle.

LiebGarde zu Fuss

The second guard regiment of foot raised by the Electors of Enteburg is the Liebgarde, raised by Elector Maximillian the current Electors grandfather these troops serve as the household
guards for the Electors palaces and hunting lodges.

Currently under the command of Colonel Pz Wilhelm von der Ente und Munchausen-Spurhund-Jungen these brave soldiers form the center of the guards command. They have often seen heavy casualties in battle and the Elector has raised a second depot battalion in order to maintain this magnificent body of troops.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Munchausen-Spurhund-Jungen Grenadier Guards

Originally raised in Munchausen-Spurhund-Jungen this unit remained with the Electors of Enteburg after the Great Elector was granted administrative rights over Munchausen-Spurhund-Jungen following the War of Enteburg Succession. Following the return of Munchausen-Spurhund-Jungen to the Electors of Enteburg after the Polonian Succesion crisis this unit was brought back up to strength and returned to the field.

They form part of the guards column under the command of Major General Ernst von Drake and they hold the right flank of that august formation.

The Electoral Grenadier Guards

This unit holds the honour of maintaining the peace at the Imperial Diet, originally this regiment was raised with each company being from a different Electors realm, though now it is mostly filled with the citizens of Enteburg and Munchausen. Each of the Elector of the Empire retain the Honourary Capataincy of their respective companies.

This unit has seen distinguished service and the Elector Donal recently granted them a new set of colours.