Saturday, October 2, 2010

King Arouet I Grenadier Regiment.

Formed at the end of the War of Enteburg Succession this regiment was created after several brigades of infantry were disbanded, the best men of each were retained and formed together in a new corps the Grenadiers du Ente. When the Elector Donal married the Princess Marguerite of Nouvelle-Champagne he gave his new brother-in-law King Arout I command of this body of troops. Since then the King has lavished his attention upon the officers of the Grenadiers with several of them spending time at the Nouvelle Champagne court.

Command of the Grenadier in teh field has been given to the Comte du Mallard a distinguished officer who had served within the Nouvelle Champagne army. The Comte has become a favourite of the Enteburg court especially amongst the ladies.

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