Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Electorate of Enteburg

The electorate of Enteburg consists of four provinces, The Duchy of Hahnkante, ancestral home of the Enteburg family and site of the Elector’s capital: Enteburg. Nestled in the foothills of the Pangaean Alps Hahnkante controls one of the passes from the empire into Italica which brings significant wealth into the Elector's coffers. The Elector's father built the university of Enteburg famed for its scholars and it’s accurate maps, many of which have been copied and are now supplied to the Imperial Archives.

The Duchy of Munchausen-Spurhund-Jungen, was regained from the Electors of Munchausen some ten years prior during the Polonian crisis in return for the electors support in gaining Munchausen the throne of Polonia. The cause of some friction between the two electors recently as the Elector of Munchhausen believes the correct spelling of Munchausen is with two h’s whilst the Imperial archives and more modern maps spell it with the historical one h as per the Enteburg method. The Spurhund-Jungen side of the Electors family maintain strong links to the Electors court and the ErbPrinz Hugh maintains his palace in the outskirts of the city of Spurhund.

The Principality of Schwansee, these lands came under Enteburg’s control when the last of the Imperial Schwansee family, Duchess Elvira von Schwansee married Elector Humperdink von Enteburg und Spurhund-Jungen. Separated from the rest of Enteburg by the Elector Spiritual’s domain the principality maintains close relations with Huhnerland and trades extensively with them. Prinz Louis was recently gifted with a hunting lodge here by his father in the forest of Dachshund.

The Reichsgravate of Ganstal, the border province between Enteburg and Kopf-Schlager has a turbulent history. A constant thorn is the smuggler trade operating out of Kopf-Schlager’s wooded hills. Ganshügel castle sits guarding the border with Speilenburg and is the site of the Elector's Summer Palace. Prince Deuteronomy maintains a hunting lodge Flussuferhütte on the Rhand River and in the summer flotillas of nobles sail from Hahnkante to stay in Flussuferhütte.

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