Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Comte de Monte Christo Marines


The second regiment of marines in the service of the Elector, the regiment was raised from the riverfolk of Ganstal valley. The regiments inhaber the Comte de Monte Christo arrived at the Electors court several years ago and cut a swathe through the young ladies of the court, he has become a firm friend of Prince Admiral Deuteronomy and it was through his influence that the Comte was appointed command.

The Comte de Monte Christo
The Comte has proven to be an effective leader and his men have come to love the dashing young officer.  He prides himself on the unique look of his regiment being the only line regiment in green and also the only regiment to wear the Schomberg helmet. 

In addition the Comte has engaged african drummers for the regimental band, further adding to the regiment's exotic look.

The Comte has taken steps to train his men in small boat operations despite Enteburg being landlocked.  In light of this the elector has offered their services to the directors of the Huhnerland und Enteburg India Company to operate as marines upon their ships.

 Figures by Front Rank
Flags by David of Not by Appointment

Painting by the Corporal's Guard Painting Service

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Elector Returns!

 It is with great delight that I can announce the elector has given order for this neglected site to be updated once more.  He has once again poured funds into the archivists coffers and they have once again begun work.

The elector has commanded that the first units to be looked at are the Munchausen-Spurhund-Jungen Grenadier Guards in their new uniforms and the Comte of Monte Christo's Marines as well as updates on the forces of the Electorate.