Monday, October 4, 2010

Kurfustin Fusiliers

Raised especially for the Kurfustin Marguerite upon her marriage to the Elector this regiment is the seniour unit of fusiliers within the Enteburg army. Their colours carry upon them a mermaid to remind the Kurfurstin of the sea near her home in Nouvelle Chamapgne. They also have the very distinct rose facings as per the Kurfurstin's request.

This unit has taken part in many battles and has remained remarkably unscathed in many of them, some say primarly as they are usually placed in the second line of battle. Such things are of course untrue and Lieutenant Colonel Hans "der Adler" Richter has vowed to wipe this stain upon the honour of this regiment at the next possible moment.


  1. The Mermaid on the flag may well be a remembrance of Kurfustin Marguerite's native area, but rumor is that she was helped in her choice -and that of the facing color of the uniform- by her Obristlieutenant who during his traditional educating 'Grand Tour' got fond memories from (and left as much in, plus a few children) the far away Presipality of Monte-Cristo.

  2. I wondered when you would drop by. :) Welcome JL