Monday, April 8, 2013

Munchausen-Spurhund-Jungen Grenadier Guards

Elector Donal was very impressed with the service of this regiment during the last war.  He has granted them permission to change the colour of their uniform from Enteburg's sky blue to the white of Spurhund-Jungen.  They maintain the traditional dark green small clothes of the Spurhund-Jungen infantry regiments. 

The regiment say active service during the Italican campaign and against the invasion of Enteburg by the forces of the King of Polonia.

They suffered heavy losses against the Alban's in both the battles fought against them and where a much reduced unit at the battle of Zollmen.

The regiment is commanded in the field by Colonel Joseph von Eisenlowe, who began his career as an officer in Vorlund service before returning to take up service as a captain with the Electoral Guards before joining the Munchausen-Spurhund-Jungen Grenadier Guards with the rank of Major.   

It was at this point that the regiment began to rebuild to full strength following it's exile from it's homeland.

The colonel is an avid hunter and has become good friends with Prince Louis and often joins him at his hunting lodge in Ganstal.  He prefers to hunt for waterfowl, though has been known to stalk deer in the woods near his home in Hahnkante.

 Figures by Wargames Foundry
Flags by David of Not by Appointment
Painting by the Corporal's Guard Painting Service

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Comte de Monte Christo Marines


The second regiment of marines in the service of the Elector, the regiment was raised from the riverfolk of Ganstal valley. The regiments inhaber the Comte de Monte Christo arrived at the Electors court several years ago and cut a swathe through the young ladies of the court, he has become a firm friend of Prince Admiral Deuteronomy and it was through his influence that the Comte was appointed command.

The Comte de Monte Christo
The Comte has proven to be an effective leader and his men have come to love the dashing young officer.  He prides himself on the unique look of his regiment being the only line regiment in green and also the only regiment to wear the Schomberg helmet. 

In addition the Comte has engaged african drummers for the regimental band, further adding to the regiment's exotic look.

The Comte has taken steps to train his men in small boat operations despite Enteburg being landlocked.  In light of this the elector has offered their services to the directors of the Huhnerland und Enteburg India Company to operate as marines upon their ships.

 Figures by Front Rank
Flags by David of Not by Appointment

Painting by the Corporal's Guard Painting Service

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Elector Returns!

 It is with great delight that I can announce the elector has given order for this neglected site to be updated once more.  He has once again poured funds into the archivists coffers and they have once again begun work.

The elector has commanded that the first units to be looked at are the Munchausen-Spurhund-Jungen Grenadier Guards in their new uniforms and the Comte of Monte Christo's Marines as well as updates on the forces of the Electorate.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The battle of San Donaci (part 1)

Following the Melchestrian invasion of Italica the emporer's loyal servant the Elector of Enteburg led his valiant troops north to support the Italicans. The electors hussars had discovered a combined Melchestrian - Katerheim force supported by a small force of Vandenburger and Biberhoffer auxileries.

View from Enteburg lines (is that the moon I see)

They had drawn up north of the town of San Donaci they Elector knew this was his opportunity to strike so despite knowing he would not be able to engage the enemy until the early afternoon he pressed his forces forward.

Enteburg infantry

Had the Elector known what was to come then perhaps his ardour would have been cooled but he felt he had the measure of the Melchestrians and now would be the time to test their mettle.
The Elector sent von Manning to command the Enteburg right whilst retaining command of the left himself.

Enteburg right

Placing his Artillery in the centre with the support of a column of infantry he then weighted both flanks with two columns of infantry. supporting the left would be seven brigades of horse and four brigade upon the right would surely be enough to face the three brigades of Vandenburg cavalry upon that flank.

Count d'Uckula's Uhlans view of the battlefield

Enteburg left

General de Spickett commanded the Melchestrians supported by the redoubtable von Tighe they had placed the Vandenburgers on their left with the Katerheimers to their right then a thin red line of Melchestrian infantry across the centre and the three brigades of Melchestrian horse upon the right. they maintained a reserve of the two Katerheim horse brigades and the Biberhoff Dragoon brigade.

Advance on the Enteburg right

The battle would begin with the Enteburg right pushing forward to take the town of San Donaci whilst the center and left of the Enteburg infantry would hold in place. At the same time the Enteburg cavalry on the left would attempt to take the heights.

or at least that was the plan....(to be continued)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Battle of Zollmen

It was the winter of 1741 when the forces of the King of Polonia and Elector of Munchausen crossed the Enteburg border and pushed into the Duchy of Munchausen-Spurhund-Jungen. The Elector had decided to reclaim the duchy despite he having returned it to the Good Elector Donal at the time of the Polonian Succession in return for the Good Electors support.

The King of Polonia thought himself safe to act as the Enteburg army was he trapped on the other side of the Alps in Italiaca and he would be able to claim Munchausen-Spurhund-Jungen before they could return.

Fortunately after a succesful campaign in Italiaca the Enteburg army had returned home to winter before returning to Italica again. Once the alarm had been raised General Pz Bernhardt von Habischwald rushed his army to Munchausen-Spurhund-Jungen catching the Munchausen forces unawares outside the town of Zollmen.

View across the battlefield

The Forces

Army of Enteburg - General Pz Bernhard von Habishwald
3 Guard Infantry Brigades
1 Grenadier Brigade
7 Infantry brigades
5 Cuirassier Brigades
1 Horse Grenadier Brigade
2 Pandour Brigades
1 Freikrops Brigade
1 Heavy Battery

Army of Munchausen - ErbPrinz Manfred von Kleiner Munchhausen
3 Guard Infantry Brigades
1 Grenadier Brigade
8 Infantry brigades
3 Cuirassier Brigades
3 Dragoon Brigades
2 Heavy Batteries

Munchausen's left flank

Munchausen's Centre

Munchausen's Right Flank

The Plan

Having caught ErbPrinz Manfred's army unprepared Pz Bernhard's plan was to leave Pz Lothar von Pappenheim in command of 4 infantry brigades, 3 cuirassier brigades the irregular infantry and the battery of guns to hold the Munchausen's front line in place whilst he took the rest of the army and attacked the flank.

Pz Lothar's troops

Irregulars skulking in the woods

The Battle
Despite the best laid plans of Pz Bernhard two of the Munchausen commanders had not been idle Duke Florian von Ondruschka und Reindl and Count Florian von Busch moved their commands forward to engage the Enteburgers .

von Busch's advance

Count von Busch, commander of the Munchausen Cuirassiers led his command forward to cover the guns whilst the sluggish infantry moved forward behind him, This move forces the Enteburg guards to shake out into line instead of moving rapidly to enter the town of Kessendorp on the extreme left of the Munchausen line. It also forced the Enteburg cavalry under the command of Mj General von Blick to move towards the centre throwing the carefully laid flank attack plans into disarray.

Duke Florian advances

Not to be outdone Duke Florian von Ondruschka und Reindl, sent his command forward to hold the waterline lead by the Grenadiers of the Army. He hoped that he could take an advantageous position and force the Enteburgers to fight him mid stream. Unfortunately he did not count for the effectiveness of the Enteburg artillery who sent a hail of gunfire upon the advancing grenadiers.

Pz Lothar watched the artillery go about the methodical destruction of the grenadiers then he ordered the Kaiser Seigfried Cuirassiers to attack the weekend units with predictable results.

No more grenadiers

The artillery then turned their sights upon the 2nd Grosskirch Fusiliers and continued its clinical dissection of the Duke's command.

The guns of doom target their next victims

Meanwhile Mj General von Drake having seen the Munchausen dragoons had sat in place for most of the battle sent his irregulars forward to harass the dragoons, Pz Lothar could only watch on as the swift moving troops advanced upon the oppositions cavalry in the open.

Irregulars advance in the open

On the Enteburg right the cavalry faced off against each other, whilst a solid line of Enteburg infantry advanced into the gap between Zollmen and Kessendorp.

Enteburg advances towards the Zollmen Kessendorp gap

ErbPrinz Manfred gave orders for the Munchausen Guards to occupy the area between Zollmen and Kessendorp, whilst Prince Vitali von Aab's column was to occupy Kessendorp. They where to face what seemed to be the main thrust of the Enteburg attack. The ErbPrinz spent much of the battle personally overseeing the guards movement.

Face off in the gap

As the Enteburg infantry moved steadily forward it became evident that the Munchausen cuirassiers position was becoming untenable, with the Enteburg cavalry in front of their position and the steadily moving Infantry coming up on their flank count von Busch was left with a dilemma.

Munchausen cuirrasiers retire

He decided discretion was the better part of valour and chose to withdraw behind his own advancing infantry. He left with jeers from the Enteburg forces who where rapidly moving up on his position.

Grenadiers de Ente and the Witzboldfeld fusiliers advancing

The infantry on the Enteburg right repositioned itseld in order for the Grenadiers de Enteburg to take on forces garrisoned in Zollmen with the assistance of the Witzboldfeld fusiliers, what ensued was a fierce firefight between the Enteburgers and the 1st Kliener Munchhausen Fusilers.

Despite their defensive position the Munchausen forces came out by far the worse in this firefight eventually only a tattered remnants was left as the Grenadiers charged into Zollmen taking the strong point.

Enteburg forces press around Zollmen

It was around this point the main line of Enteburgers met with the fresh Guards column in the gap, the Munchausen guards had moved steadily into position under the ErbPrinz's watchful eye.

Munchausen Guards (Witzboldfelders subbing in)

After a stiff firefight the Munchausen guards pushed through driving von Fasan's 'Witzbolfed' fusiliers from the field as well as von Gansleber's musketeers. This was to prove the highlight of the battle for the ErbPrinz as by this stage his right flank had become decidely wobbly. On the far left of his line things where looking a bit shaky as well with the Enteburg Guards pushing into Kessendop and occupying half the town with fresh reinforcements coming through.

Enteburg Guards assault Kessendorp

Liebguard zu Fuss push into Kessendorp

Over on the Erbprinz's right flank their had been a series of disasters, after Duke Florian attacked he lost two of the three brigades under his command, he did succeed in routing von Hahn's after they attacked him in the town of Pentricch and his remaining brigade held the town for the rest of the battle until surrounded they surrendered at the end of the day with the Duke at their head. The Good Elector Donal had watched their bravery and allowed the entire brigade to be paroled and return to Munchausen.

Archduchess Stephanie's Cuirassiers glorious charge

von Kottstorfer however had seen his entire dragoon command destroyed by the Enteburg cavalry under Pz Lothar. Archduchess Stephanies Cuirassiers rode down the Kleiner-Munchhausen Dragoons at first contact it then became a matter of mopping up the remaining dragoons before turning the flank.

von Busch moves to the right flank

General von Busch had not been idle he had brought his troops across to face off against the victorious Enteburg cavalry, he now had a numbers advantage as Kaiser Seigfried cuirassiers had been destroyed in the combat between the dragoons and the Enteburg cuirassiers.

View from Enteburg left

As a new cavalry battle developed the Pz Louis Musketeers and a Brigade de Marche made up from the remnants of the McDucks Highland Musketeers, de Souris's Helvetian musketeers pushed forward towards the Dunkelfurt fusiliers.

Infantry centre's collide

The infantry moved up into combat, after several volley's it became apparent that the veteran Enteburgers were winning the firefight. With a cheer the mix of Dal Riadans, Helvetians and Enteburgers charged the Munchausen line and....

Enteburg infantry victorious

Smashed their way through the remaining Munchausen fusiliers this proved to be too much for the Munchausen forces, they had been driven from Zollmen, Duke Florian was surrounded in Pentricch, the Enteburg guards where pushing into Kessendorp and the fresh cuirassiers of von Blicks column had moved to support Pz Lothar's troops.

von Blicks reinforcements

Final Result

The Munchausen forces had been driven from the field with significant losses, only a lack of light cavalry on the Enteburg side had stopped a total rout.

Munchausen losses
5 Infantry brigades
1 Grenadier brigade
3 Dragoon brigades

Enteburg losses
2 Infantry brigades
1 Freikorps brigade
1 Cuirassier brigade

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's been a while...

The forces of Alt-Braunbar take on the Vandenburger hordes

It has been quite a while since my last post, mostly because I have pretty much finished the Enteburgers and moved onto a new project, some of you will have seen the Reichsarmee project I have been working on but others may not have so I thought I would just put a link up for those who are interested.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Battle of Kolonicz

A "book" game the Enteburgers had 210 points with an average general and Vandenburg had 170 points with a good general, played under Sam Mustafa's Might and Reason rules.

Initial setup

In 1742 King Oscar the Great of Vandenburg-Brussia attacks the lands of the Count of Alt-Braunbar, at the Elector of Enteburg was not deaf to the cries of his smaller neighbour and sent a force under the Erbprinz Hugh to drive the Vandenburgers back into their own lands.

The Enteburgers formed in two lines upon the Kolonicz heights their left rested upon an orchard into which Mj General the count d'Uckla deployed his Pandour brigades. The fusiler column was formed up on the right of the first line with the centre being held by the column of guards and the right of the line held by Mj General di Cippola's column of horse. The second line consisted of the foriegn column on the left and the Princes column on the right.

Army of ErbPrinz Hugh

First Line
Mj General Count d'Uckula Column
Nova Skanderberg Pandours
ErbPrinz Hugh Pandours
Count d'Uckula Pandours

Mj General Karl Von Schwan Fusilier Column
von Drake's Fusiliers
Elector of Huhnerland Fusiliers
Kurfurstin Marguerite Fusiliers

Mj General Ernst von Drake Guards Column
LifeGarde of Foot
Spurhund-Jungen Grenadier Guards
Schwansee Grenadier Guards
Electoral Grenadier Guards

Mj General di Cippola's Column
Pz Admiral Deuteronamy Cuirassiers
di Cippola Cuirassiers
Life Dragoons

Second line
Mj General Pz. Wilhelm von Schnauzer's Column
McDucks Dal Riadan Musketeers
vohn Hahn's Musketeers
de Souris Helvetian Musketeers

Mj General Hans Von Gansleber Column
ErbPrinz Musketeers
Pz Admiral Deuteronomy Marines
Pz Louis Musketeers

Mj General Pz Lothar von Pappenheim's Column
Pz Bernhardt von Habishwald Cuirassiers
Horse Guards
Archduchess Stephanie Cuirassier

Mj General Ferdinand von Wasserhuhn Column
von Blick's Hussars
von Hahn's Hussars
von Gansleber Hussars

The battle began with the Vandenburgers advancing swiftly across the field, the ErbPrinz having just fought the battle of Friand was somewhat alarmed at the speed the Vandenburgers moved. He was heard to say at one point "Are you sure they aren't mounted troops?" to one of his aids.

Vandenburg Cavalry advance

The Enteburg cavarlry on the right wing moved forward to intercept the Vandenburg horse but Pz Lothar's command moved sluggishly at first. There was some concern as the Vandenburgers had several infantry brigades moving swiftly forward towards the Enteburg horse.

Hussars in the woods

A brief cavalry battle took place with both sides taking casualties, the Enteburgers fell back watchful of the Vandenburg infantry moving swiftly towards them. Mj General Wasserhuhn took this oppurtunity to slip into the woods threatening the Vandenburg flank.

View from Enteburg left

The Enteburg left began to advance from the heights (in hindsight probably not the right thing to do.) to their front a column of Vandenburg dragoons. Seemed fixed in place watching the Vandenburg infantry advance. As usual the Vandenburg infantry powered forward eagerly anticipating coming to grips with the Enteburg guards.

The lines meet

As was expected the Vandenburg-Brussians had the better of the infantry battle losing a brigade and destroying ten brigades of Enteburgers. Indeed at the end of the battle the Liebgarde, von Drake fusiliers and Elector of Huhnerland fusiliers and the Pandours where the only foot troops left for the Enteburgers.

The confused cavalry melee

On the Vandenburg left things where not so rosy, where after an indecisive start the weight of numbers would eventually prove too great. The Enteburg cavalry eventually breaking six brigades of Vandenburg cavalry with the remaining too heavily damaged and being chased across the field by the Coun't D'Uckula's pandours.

The breakthrough

In the end casualties on both sides proved to be too costly and both armies broke as the sun began to touych the horizon. For the Erbprinz Hugh it was a costly battle but he had driven the Vandenburgers back at the cost of wrecking his own infantry.