Thursday, December 2, 2010

Important Personages

Donal von Enteburg und Munchausen-Spurhund-Jungen, Elector Enteburg, Prince of Schwansee, Duke of Munchausen-Spurhund-Jungen, Duke of Hahnkante, Reichgrave of Ganstal, Knight Grandmaster of the order of the Goldene Gans. Elector Donal has ruled for ten years now and has for the most part had a steady hand at ruling the electorate, he remains a staunch believer in the right of princes and he fears allowing the house of Vorlund to become too powerful. The recent Imperial elections saw him run as a competitor to his friend the Count of Kremsmunster. He was defeated.

Electoress Marguerite of Nouvelle-Champagne, the sister of King Arouet, rules beside Elector Donal. She has provided the electorate with three strong sons.

ErbPrinz Hugh, recently betrothed to Princess Miranda of Caliban the Erbprinz has been studying warfare with the reboubtable Pz Bernhard von Habischwald. Until his recent elevation to lieutenant general, the ErbPrinz served as commander of a column of cuirassiers.

Prinz Admiral Deuteronomy (“Dewey”) served within the United Provinces as a naval officer until the recent troubles there. Rising through the ranks, he became an admiral within the United Provinces navy. His return to Enteburg made his mother very happy though he seems less than pleased at being so far away from the sea. He can bee seen here next to his regiment of Marines.

Prinz Louis, currently serving as a colonel to a regiment of dragoons young Louis is the firebrand of the three sons. He seems to spend much of his time outdoors and is a keen hunter of deer, boars and women.

Prinz Bernhardt von Habischwald, Marshall of the Enteburg Army. Cousin to the current ruler of Habischwald, Bernhardt has commanded the Enteburg army for the last five years and has married Princess Elizabeta von Ente the Elector’s cousin. Prinz Bernhardt holds lands within the Duchy of Schwansee through his wife and leads a comfortable life with his family and many hounds. He is an affectionado of the ancient art of hawking, a skill he has passed onto his sons Albrecht and Ernst.
Alisdair McDuck, Chancellor of Enteburg, Chief of Clan McDuck an √©migr√© of Dal Riadan descent the Chancellor has provided Elector Donal with a firm right hand. Renowned throughout the electorate for his thrifty ways, he has amassed a large fortune and is one of the richest men within the empire. Known to the Prinz’s as Uncle Scrooge, the old McDuck looks fondly upon the three young men that will some day rule over his beloved Enteburg.

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