Thursday, February 17, 2011

Battle of Friand

view from the Enteburg right

The forces of the Kingdom of Melchester with their Allies from the Electorate of Katerheim and the Duchies of Dachsdorf and Biberhof did once again declare war upon the forces of Burgundia. The noble Elector of Enteburg came to the aid of the Burgundians sending his son the ErbPrinz with a force to assist the Burgundians.

The Elector placed the following forces at his son's disposal
Electoral Grenadier Guards Brigade
Munchausen-Spurhund-Jungen Guards Brigade
Schwansee Guards Brigade Brigade
McDuck's Dal Riadan Musketeers Brigade
de Souris's Helvetian Musketeers Brigade
Colonel von Hahn's Musketeers Brigade
Electoress Marguerite Fusliers Brigade
von Fasan's "Witboldfeld" Fusiliers Brigade
Elector of Huhnerlands Fusilers Brigade
ErbPrinz Pandours Brigade
Enteburg Jager brigade
von Schwans Jager Brigade
Pz Admiral Dewey's Cuirassiers
Di Cippolla Cuirassiers
Lieb Dragoons
Electoress Marguerite Chevau Leger
von Blick's "Death's" Hussars
von Hahn's "Golden" Hussars
von Gansleber's "Red" Hussars

The Enteburg army formed the right of the battle line their left rested upon a woodland that would soon be filled with Burgundian irregulars.

The Dachsdorfer's push forward into the central woods against the Burgundian lights

The Enteburg infantry was formed in two lines with the McDucks on the left, then de Souris, Elector of Huhnerland Fusiliers, von Fasan's Fusiliers and Electoress Marguerite Fusiliers. The second line had von Hahn brigade on the left withe the Schwansee Guards, Munchausen-Spurhund-Jungen Guards and Schwansee Guards.

The woods on the held the various Enteburg lights including the crack ErbPrinz Pandours.

On the Enteburg rights the ErbPrinz placed his horse upon the heights. He sought to use the woods to his advantage as he knew the opposing forces would not pursue his Hussars into such treacherous terrain.

The battle itself was a seesaw affair with the Burgundians and Enteburg having the best of the Cavalry fight but not before a large whole had appeared in the infantry centre. All three armies where pushed to their break point and after 7 turns of play The Burgundians and the Melchestrian allies both collapsed leaving the Enteburgers controlling the field.

A great game with Victory going to the Good Guys :P


  1. Cheers!
    Again a victory of (mainly) original uniforms over (mainly) historical copycats: Mars favors Imagination!

  2. Supurb, a lot of lead on the table

    "Huzzah and forward to glory"!