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The battle of San Donaci (part 1)

Following the Melchestrian invasion of Italica the emporer's loyal servant the Elector of Enteburg led his valiant troops north to support the Italicans. The electors hussars had discovered a combined Melchestrian - Katerheim force supported by a small force of Vandenburger and Biberhoffer auxileries.

View from Enteburg lines (is that the moon I see)

They had drawn up north of the town of San Donaci they Elector knew this was his opportunity to strike so despite knowing he would not be able to engage the enemy until the early afternoon he pressed his forces forward.

Enteburg infantry

Had the Elector known what was to come then perhaps his ardour would have been cooled but he felt he had the measure of the Melchestrians and now would be the time to test their mettle.
The Elector sent von Manning to command the Enteburg right whilst retaining command of the left himself.

Enteburg right

Placing his Artillery in the centre with the support of a column of infantry he then weighted both flanks with two columns of infantry. supporting the left would be seven brigades of horse and four brigade upon the right would surely be enough to face the three brigades of Vandenburg cavalry upon that flank.

Count d'Uckula's Uhlans view of the battlefield

Enteburg left

General de Spickett commanded the Melchestrians supported by the redoubtable von Tighe they had placed the Vandenburgers on their left with the Katerheimers to their right then a thin red line of Melchestrian infantry across the centre and the three brigades of Melchestrian horse upon the right. they maintained a reserve of the two Katerheim horse brigades and the Biberhoff Dragoon brigade.

Advance on the Enteburg right

The battle would begin with the Enteburg right pushing forward to take the town of San Donaci whilst the center and left of the Enteburg infantry would hold in place. At the same time the Enteburg cavalry on the left would attempt to take the heights.

or at least that was the plan....(to be continued)

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